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Compact Fluorescent Lamps, A Fluorescent Protein, The Light Law, Rare Earth Shortages

Homeowners prepare for lighting technology changes
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Compact fluorescent bulbs are a much more energy-efficient option. Yet they are a non-starter for many lamp collectors, Skarda said. Often the bulbs don’t fit the lamps. Other times they don’t fit the lamps’ appearance. “Many of the trends are to see

UCSC researchers peer below the surface of living tissue
San Jose Mercury News
By Tovin Lapan SANTA CRUZ — A fluorescent protein found in Monterey Bay’s crystal jellyfish is helping UC Santa Cruz scientists peer deeper into living tissue. A team of UCSC researchers is developing new technology that weds methods and equipment

American Peptide Company is Now Creating Peptides to be Used in Sandia
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
American Peptide Company recently began a collaboration with Sandia Biotech to synthesize peptides to be used in their Split Green Fluorescent Protein (sGFP) detection system. The split GFP technology consists of a 16 amino acid fusion tag and a

New Fluorescent ‘Spinach’ Molecule Illuminates Inner Workings of RNA
Popular Science
Researchers have been using green fluorescent protein for years, tagging molecules and cells to make them glow under certain conditions and when certain changes occur. Now scientists at Weill Cornell Medical School in New York have figured out how to

Dim view of lighting law
Boston Globe
Many Americans have no idea that most traditional light bulbs are about to disappear, to be replaced by energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights, light-emitting diodes, and halogen incandescents. For some of those in the know, the change means just

Glowing in the Dark: Rare Pictures of Genetically Engineered Fluorescent
International Business Times
Ruppies were the world’s first transgenic dog which carries fluorescent genes. Genetic engineers took a fluorescent protein, much like that produced by some sea anemones, and inserted it into the cell of a beagle. The offsprings of such dogs possess

Rare Earth Shortages To Cause Fluorescent Lamp Hikes
TFM (blog)
They also comprise about 85% of the phosphors used in fluorescent lamps, and a growing supply/demand imbalance is resulting in REE price hikes that already are being reflected in lamp manufacturers’ pricing. According to National Lighting Bureau

ilumisys and LEDdynamics partner on LED fluorescent tube replacements
LEDs Magazine
The partnership includes a license for Altair’s patents on LED fluorescent tube replacements. “This partnership offers a unique opportunity for both LEDdynamics and ilumisys to expand US manufacturing operations and leverage our combined engineering

Larson Electronics’ Announces Release of Two Foot Long LED Work
Designed to allow users to connect the light to explosion proof outlets within the hazardous workspace, these LED tube equipped work lights surpass the performance of similar fluorescent lamp equipped versions. Producing a glare free wide flood of

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