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Fluorescent Prices Go Up, Debate Continues, OCTRON 800

Energy-saving light bulbs leap in price
Now, at the end of this month, comes the biggest reform of all, when all production of basic 60-watt light bulbs will cease. Once stocks run out, householders will have to rely on low-energy Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) instead.

The Light Bulb Debate Continues: Another Perspective
By Keith Miller A few months ago, my colleague Jim Persoon, who also serves on the Oakdale Environmental Management Commission, wrote an Environmental Notes column about the merits and disadvantages of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and whether

OSRAM SYLVANIA Introduces OCTRON 800 XV Fluorescent Lamps (press release)
By Andy Choi OSRAM SYLVANIA, a provider of energy saving lighting technology solutions and products, has added the OCTRON 800 XV eXtended Value to its family of OCTRON fluorescent lamps. The OCTRON 800 XV renders superior color, and has a long life and

Bob Newell | Tribune-Review
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
This year, the cost of fluorescentlighting products rose 24 percent or more because of market conditions for rare-earth minerals used in making phosphors, said Joseph Higbee, a spokesman with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

Consumers forced to change the bulb
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Dempsey, 45, said he doesn’t mind paying more up-front for the compact fluorescent lamps or LED bulbs because they save money in the long-term. But he doesn’t like the government forcing people to make the switch. “I’m young; I can adjust,” said

A dim light on global warming
Economic Times
The intention was understandable: if everyone in the world exchanged most light bulbs for energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), we could save 3.5% of all electricity, or 1% of our CO2 emissions. The current attempt by Republicans in

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