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Light Bulb Bill, Future of Efficiency, Moving to LED, Reducting Foot Print,

Light Bulb Bill: With Millions Unemployed, House Republicans Focus on Light
International Business Times
By IBTimes Staff Reporter | July 16, 2011 11:31 AM EDT The lighting and engineer community is in near-universal agreement regarding fluorescent bulbs: they save a substantial amount of energy, compared to tradition incandescent light bulbs,

Lighting The Future Of Efficiency
Industrial Distribution
In addition, fluorescent lights can be easier to maintain, requiring only a replacement of the lamp. LEDs, in particular, have seen incredible improvements in energy efficiency, but they’re quickly approaching the rule of diminishing returns in terms

Local Business Lights Up Redwood City’s Sustainable Technology Sector
Compared to commonly used fluorescent lighting, LEDs not only live longer but also are a safer choice. “It’s an amazingly complex and esoteric technology,” Peifer said of fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lights, which take 20 minutes to heat,

Styrofoam, light bulb wars continue
As talks to raise the debt ceiling and address the federal budget deficit continue, the House is scheduled to vote this week on whether or not to ban Styrofoam cups and compact fluorescent light bulbs from the Hill. The two amendments are tied to the

Philips 75-watt LED for sale for $39.97
One reason for this may be that their obvious competitor, the compact-fluorescent light bulb, has had a rocky reputation with consumers. CFLs contain mercury, which could be dangerous to people if the bulb is broken to the point that the mercury is

WCH turning on green lights at clean up sites
It began with a new solar powered fluorescent light tower that’s been tested for several months at one of the intersections at Hanford. Because of its success, Washington Closure Hanford contractors will now switch 40 of their current diesel powered

1st Source Bank reducing its footprint
South Bend Tribune
1st Source Bank expects to replace the bulbs with a combination of more efficient compact fluorescent fixtures and energy saving LED lights that will dramatically save on energy consumption. “From the top down in our company, there has been a desire to

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