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Burbank Suspends Rebates, $3 Million Appliance Rebates, FPL Reopens Solar Incentives, ARRA Leftovers

Burbank officials suspend solar rebate program
Burbank Leader
A small percentage of revenue from California electric utilities goes toward public benefits projects, which include those promoting renewable and efficient energy use. For the current fiscal year, $1 million was allocated for solar rebates through

Solar power in California is still a hot topic
Los Angeles Times
Encouraged by federal tax credits and a municipal rebate, so many Los Angeles residents sought to add rooftop solar panels at the start of the year that the Department of Water and Power had to suspend its Solar Incentive Program in April because of

Energy-efficiency rebates begin at the end of the week
NewsChannel 9 WSYR
Under a $3 million appliance rebate program, Americans will get $350 back on a high-efficiency refrigerator. Consumers will receive $250 back for buying an energy-efficient clothes washer. Not all energy star products are covered, however.

Florida solar rebate funds announced and then quickly exhausted
Clean Energy Authority
30, Florida Light & Power Co. (FPL), Florida’s largest utility, was flooded by a hurricane of businesses and homeowners seeking solar rebates. The company reopened its solar incentive program for photovoltaics to the tune of $5 million—it’s gone

Budget cuts trigger early end to solar energy credits
CNN International
In Florida, Michael Hoffman, a taxation professor, hoped that between the federal tax credit and the state rebate, he’d be able to better afford a solar energy system. But a computer error in the state’s application process actually cost him $20000

Atlantic Appliance Launches ‘Buy Green, Save Green’ Rebate Program
Using $3 million in leftover funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the program will allow customers, purchasing certain Energy Star® appliances, to receive rebates of up to $350. The main features of the program are: Rebates are

State offers appliance rebates
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority has announced a new $3 million rebate program for the purchase of high-efficiency refrigerators and clothes washers. The program begins Sept. 2. Rebates of $350 will be available for

South Jersey school districts get energized by solar plans
Cherry Hill Courier Post
The second phase cost $320000 and earned a $50000 rebate. The energy generated by the solar panels is enough to provide the school’s lighting, Business Administrator Joanne Clement said, saving the district $1000 a month in electricity costs.

City makes going green easier
Beach Reporter
According to the city, the new green building and energy vehicle incentives are a 50 percent rebate on building permit fees for Energy Upgrade California qualifying improvements and a 50 percent reduction in building permit fees for city-approved

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